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Our Offer

EMIRO Company provides complex services
in areas of occupational safety which include, but are not limited to:

  • running inspections in the area of OH&R and fire precautions in offices and work-related areas presenting preventive proposals in order to eliminatze stated failings and dangers.
  • establishing contents of domestic provisions which control working conditions in the area of OH&S
  • preparing accident claims/documentation, which include accidents at work (major, minor and fatal) whether group or individual, as well as accidents during work-related commuting
  • initial OH&S training, general OH&S training and periodic OH&S training intended for employees and management
  • preparing statistical reports concerning protection of labour; and preparing annual review of OH&S conditions
  • conducting an inventory of harmful factors which includes carcinogenic and biological factors including check charts
  • cooperating with The National Labour Inspectorate and State Sanitary Inspection in representing ‘Orderer’ in the matter of OH&S
  • preparing estimations of professional risk including preventive measures which reduce levels of risk


In addition we provide services in the area of:

  • performing electric measurements (periodic electrical installation examinations)
  • labour legislation consulting
  • environmental protection
  • and many other employer related services or needs (available upon request)

Under the provisions in rule we perform OH&S services/duties in our Orderer’s workplaces. We act as an external service providing long-term contractual expertise in the area of OH&S and fire precautions.

We function on an outsourcing basis as a modern method of management. Our offer is always based on careful familiarization with the client’s needs, his or her specific type and size of business.

Estimation of professional risk costs from 150 zlotych net. Elaboration of accident claims documentation costs from 250 zlotych. A full price list of our services is available after familiarization with the specific needs of our client. We insure that our client’s receive only the most unique and individualized services we can provide to them.

All OH&S services and fire precaution services are accomplished as disposable orders upon request.

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Our qualities:

  • price competitiveness achieved by rationalizing our costs
  • timeliness and high quality of services

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